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    Windows 7


      I would just like to know when these people at Intel are going to start writting these updates for W7 ??? alomst everything you see for desktop boards is still written for XP or Vista, Come on boys and girls lets get on the ball.

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          Like what updates?

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            UPdates like BIOS updates, When I did the up date on my ( New ) RMA board it had a BIOS of 088, current , 0121.  The only way  I could get to install with W7 already on the machine , was to pull the jumpper and do it with a USB drive Like I was doing a recovery.  But all is well that worked just fine, but it would not work throuhg W7.??

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              If you mean you couldn't update the BIOS through the express installer(is it?) ie running the BIOS update through windows...well to be fair they done you a favour, NEVER EVER EVER update teh BIOS through windows, yeh it might work yeh it might be finhe...but do u really wanna risk it? the recovery method, God knows why it's called that but is the best way to do it... Iflahs is ok too... but not through windows.....

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                I have never had problems doing BIOS updates thruogh windows ez flash before , Just could'nt get it to work with W7., I not sure why when I got back my board from RMA but it had a realy old BIOS ( 088 ) on and I just wanted to make sure I had the latest ( 0121 ) DP45SG, Q9550, DDR3-1333. 8Gigs, But all is well machine is running cool and stable, Got 7.3, 7.6, on performance scores.

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                  take a second and create a usb boot drive for christ sakes.

                  itll take you about 5 minutes at most the first time around.

                  then after that you can just drag and drop the new bio file to update you're mobo.

                  plus it will retain its functionality as a normal usb drive.

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                    Problem solved did BIOS recovery with USB and new BIOS all is well.