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    Windows 7 (32 bit) upgrade on DG33TL


      I have upgraded my DG33TL to Windows 7 32 bit.  Everything seems fine, with two exceptions:


      1.  The audio drivers will not recognize a microphone plugged into the front panel, though the front panel headphone jack does work.

      In attempting to address this I updated the chipset drivers, but for the audio sytems the "Intel Driver Update Utility" reports that, "An Intel device was detected but your operating system is not supported by this utility."


      2.  I have downloaded the latest driver for my Samsung SyncMaster 906 BW monitor and it works fine with I boot from, but if the system wakes from sleep mode, it forgets all about the SyncMaster, loses the optimum resolution settings (1440 x 900) and reverts to a "Generic non-PnP monitor" (1280 x 960).  Would installing a pci express video card help, or would I still have the same problem?


      Any ideas?