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    OpenCV on Edison (running a program)


      progr.PNGEdison.PNGHey everybody!

      I followed this tutorial here: OpenCV 3.0.0 ( IPP & TBB enabled ) on Yocto with Intel® Edison with new Yocto image release | Intel® Developer Zone and everything worked fine. When I tried to run the program above I got the errors above. Now I removed the last part where I wait for the esc key to be pressed and it works But sometimes I still get the error. I usually have to start the prgram up to 3 times to get it running. Before it starts I get the errors (usually 3 times in a row). I think it is because the frame is not ready yet or there is still something left in the buffer...or maybe I have to close the video stream again and then reopen it before starting the program again? Any suggestions mucho appreciated