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    The bios update 2006 killed my DX38BT! :( What can I do?


      My name is Franciso Quiroz from Nicaragua (Central America). I recently bought this mainboard

      and has gave me a lot of issues.


      I'm using this board with 4GB of RAM Patriot Viper Series at 1333mhz, but only worked at

      1066mhz. I tried to adjust it to work at 1333mhz, but nothing worked. I was using the revision of the bios

      1996 I guess, so I updated to 2000.. bad idea, because after the update each time I entered to the bios setup

      this just hung up. Well, I was upset, so I just waited for a new revision.


      Yesterday I checked the intel site and I found the latest update -2006- so I downloaded and I tried to update it.

      (Another bad idea) the process started as usual, windows vista restarted automaticaly, then the bios update process

      started, but a task failed


      It was this one:

      Flashing Image for Recovering [failed]


      After this, my pc isn't working anymore, I have no video, no beeps, nothing.


      I removed the battery to clean the CMOS, tried switching the jumper to 2-3, nothing. I removed the jumper (In the manual says "Recovery") and didn't work.


      What can I do my friends?  This mainboard is really expensive and the problems have been so high like the price.

      Is there a trick to make it work again?


      Thanks for your attention and excuse my grammar, my english isn't so good.


      PD. My hardware: E8400 @ 3.0ghz, 4GB DDR3 patriot viper series, bfg9800gtxoc,