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    front panel usb setup on a D845GERG2 board


      I have just gotten a D845GERG2 board to build a system for someone. 

      My problem is that I cannot figure out how to set up the front panel usb. 

      The instructions are clear enough.  However the wires coming from my front panel

      bear no designations remotely like those in the manual.  Nor can I come up with

      a set of wires numbering 9.  The manual seems to name 10 wires but the front panel

      usb only has 9 pins.  Following is the manual pin out and then the wire names coming

      from my front panel.

      INTEL Manual front panel usb wire out

           1     vreg_fp_wsbpwro               2     vreg_fp_usbpwro

           3     usb_fpp0-                         4     usb_fpp1-

           5     usb_fpp0+                         6     usb_fpp1+

            7     ground                              8     ground

            9     key                                   usb_fp_oc0


      The wire sets I have are labeled as follows:

          1]  ground     +D     -D     +5V

           2] ground     +D     -D     +5V

           3] TPA-     VP     VG     TPB-     TPB+     TPA+


      How do I translate what I have into Intelese?  There are 2 usb ports on the

      physical front panel so somewhere in all this there should be usb wires.