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    BSOD with mobo Intel D945GCLF2 !


      Hi guys,


      Recently I install a Windows XP Pro 32-bits in a computer with motherboard D945GCLF2 (Intel mobo with chipset 945 and processor ATOM 330) and every single day I have the blue screen of death on it. No way to fix it ! I'm pulling out my hair !!!


      Win XP is 100% updated (SP3 + the latest updates from Nov 2009). Drivers are also updated to the latest (audio, video, NIC and chipset - it is all onboard). Including BIOS (that has nothing to do with the issue). I also tested the RAM with memtestx86 utility and it is 100% OK (it is a Kingston DDR2 2GB, the maximum supported by this mobo).


      I checked the Event Viewer to find out the root cause by checking the memory dumps and all forums point to memory or drivers issues. Memory was tested as I said before and drivers are updated to the latest.The Event Viewer said it is a video driver related issue "Probably caused by : igxpdx32.DLL (igxpdx32+3638)" but I have my doubts about this because the issue usually happens when I use audio (movie or mp3 application). Anyway, both are updated (video with the latest driver from Feb 2008)


      I also tried to install the Windows 7 RC 64-bits (RC means release candidate, distributed by Microsoft but not an official version ... it is a "beta" version valid until July 2010) but I also had similar BSOD so I returned to WinXP Pro SP3. How can I fix that?


      Please any help will be welcome ! Thanks !