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    D101ggc Isn't recognizing the primary IDE slot


      I just picked up a used D101ggc and it will only recognize any HDD or DVD drive that gets plugged into the primary IDE slot sometimes, usually not at all. It does recognize the secondary slot though. I've updated the Bios to the latest one, played around with all of the setup options but can't figure it out. I've built 4 pc's in the past and have a fair understanding of the machine but don't know if I can rule out a soft/firm ware issue yet. Is there anything I should check before I concede that the MoBo is broken? I've already used brand new cables. Sometimes after disconnecting and reconnecting all of the cables both IDE slots are recognized but once I exit setup the machine reboots and goes to start booting from the WindowsXP CD, the drives are no longer listed. One time, during the boot, when it scans for Drives it listed some gobble-d-**** in the primary slot namespace. Also, once I recieved the txtsetup.inf missing or corrupt message when trying to boot from the Windows CD. What the?...