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    Question on what the 80g x25-m g2 OEM should ship with


      Model: SSDSA2M080G2GN


      I bought a new SSD from a extreamly well known online retailer that shall remain nameless for now.  It came in just a electrostatic bag in their standard retail box.  It is my beleif that this OEM drive should ship in a brown cardboard Intel box, with an info sheet and should come from the factory with a black spacer frame pre-attached.  My drive has none of those and is missing the black frame.  I have concerns that i have been passed a open box item or refurbed item.


      Can someone confirm what the OEM drive with the above model number should ship with?  I am not referencing the retail sku, i strictly would like info on what the OEM drive should have


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          where i reference a 'standard retail box' in my OP is a little confusing.  I mean retail box as in from the online retailer with thier logo etc - not intel's retail box concerning an SSD.  Basiclly I'm trying to say my drive came in an E-bag just dumped into a shipping box and is missing the spacer frame, OEM box and infosheet.

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            I think you got a refurb, just like me. If possible, try to check the drive with Intel SSD Toolbox, see if it has been used much. Mine has over 140gb data written to it and it still unpartitioned. It also sealed with generic sticker rather than Intel branded one like my other drive has been.

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              I talked to my online vendor and finally got someone who was responsvie but wasn't very knowledgable.  I talked to Intel and found out the following:

              There are two versions of both the retail and OEM drives.  For the 80g OEM there's SA: E70559-??? (?=revision) which is what i was sent.  This is apparently a version without the black spacer frame.  There is also SA: E64510-??? that is the OEM variant that includes it (it is also apparently what most people have gotten previously and what the online retailer had pictures of - but that's beside this point of this post).


              Be aware when purchasing fellow SSD'ers...


              The S/N ran valid and I'll be pulling down toolbox at the end of the month when the firmware posts.

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                Same here. I did a chat with rep and got the following:

                "...the item is a new item; however, at times we usually receive these items in bulk and we ship them in bubble warp. The item is new, if you would like to keep the item I can offer you $5 off the order for inconvenience or I can issue an RMA but the replacement may be shipped out the same way though."

                My online store is now out of stock on these. The Intel X-25 M's are flying off the shelves pretty fast. On the bright side I ran HDTune Read bench on the Intel SSD...whoa!! Max 223 MB/sec, Avg. 215.7 MB/sec.

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                  Hi tjb247, Intel device's id is really confusing, but i have 3 OEM SSDs and each came in a brown cardbox, with a identifying label on it. Inside the box the SSD came in an anti-electrostatic bag, in a foam bed. Also in the box there is an one page Installation Guide and a sticker "My SSD Rocks" (which after the FW flashing issue might be "My SSD Rocked"...). The device with the black spacer is a 9.5 mm form factor device, and without it is a 7 mm form factor one. You can check that on "Mechanical Information" at http://download.intel.com/support/ssdc/hpssd/x25m/sb/x18mx25msatassdproductmanual34nm322296.pdf There is a good picture of OEM 9.5 ff SSD's and its box at Newegg: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820167016 You can see how many hours the SSD was utilized, and other info, in the Health information section of HD Tune, for checking the overal SSD state, until the revised Intel SSD Toolbox is available. Hope this helps.

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                    Thanks for the posts


                    Valdir - thanks for the info - i will install and test tonight using HD tune.  I haven't named the vendor becasue i haven't read the forum rules but let's say, hypothetically of course, that I used that exact newegg link to purchase and was sent a 7mm ssd.  And that, hypothetically of course, i complaind like crazy and discovered the diffrent SA numbers, notified newegg and am now requesting that i be sent a black spacer for the confussion.  They are also, hypothetically of course, looking at splitting the items into 4 item numbers.  2 for the retail and 2 for the OEM.


                    Will respond when i hear more and after the drive is tested

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                      For those who might read in this thread and are confused with the Numbers on the package/SSD.


                      Packaging Numbers (last two characters)

                      01- OEM without spacers (7mm)

                      C1- OEM with spacer (7mm + 2.5mm spacer)

                      R5- Retail Version with spacers and 3.5" adapter


                      What it says on the actual SSD

                      GC or GN



                      How an OEM box looks like



                      RETAIL Version



                      I don't think you have anything to worry about.  Hopefully you can grab the one with the spacers .  I don't think you'll be able to get the spacers unless you return your oem and get the one with the included spacers.  I don't think they, INTEL, sells the spacers separately.  I could be wrong though.

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                        yea, i was expecting your first vid there with the 80g drive. Which matches every unboxing I've seen online and the pictures the vendor had up.

                        Instead I got this...which started this whole thread.  This was taken about 15 seconds after cutting open the box and about 5 seconds after my first WTF of the day.


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                          My 80g X25-M G2 was shipped from the same vendor, in the same way.  I wasn't pleased.


                          I wanted to download the Intel SSD toolbox so I could inspect the drive's stats, but since it was pulled, I can't find it anywhere.  I had to settle for a generic SMART diag.  The diag showed that the drive had 15 power-on hours, and 32 power cycles.  This is curious to me, and I was considering doing an RMA, but if this is normal -- I don't know.  I could care less about the black spacer.

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                            WOW that really does look suspect and what a bad packaging. Such a huge box.  I wonder if the "01" are the true OEM (just the drive itself and nothing more).  Now if you got it at the egg, did you happen to get the one oem with "g2XXXX" on the site.  I would be suspect of that one.  It kind of tells you they don't know which kind it is.  If you did get it at the egg you shouldn't have a problem getting the spacer since you didn't get what was advertised both in picture and info (states 9mm height).


                            Keep us updated.  I might have to change my list above.

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                              yea tell me about it, it was a shock.  It was found just like that, not even paper wrapped around the drive.  Whoever packed it just tossed it into the box and stuffed a bunch of paper on top.


                              Yes, it was bought at the egg - the exact link that's listed above by valdir, but at a promotional price.

                              As i have no packaging i can't confirm packing numbers. I looked on the packing sheet and on the box and don't see anything resembling those codes.  On the drive the model is listed as ...80G2GN.  The only thing i was told from Intel (so can confirm) are the SA numbers differ:

                              OEM 7mm = SA: E70559-???

                              OEM 9.5mm = SA: E64510-???


                              Originally i was blown off by egg front line tech support.  They just wanted to offer a refund, no exchanges and no answers.  Eventually i was able to find two people, one CS and one on their eggxpert forum, who were much more responsive.  No word on the spacer yet.  I'm concerned that the lack of spacer will result in less of a resale price down the road, and I'm also just upset i was shipped a misrepresented product.  Honestly it sounded like my information about the dual models of OEM and Retail was a complete shock to them, which is inexcusable, but they said they would look into differentiating everything into separate item codes.  We’ll see what happens.  At the end of the day is not having the bracket the end of the world?  No, but I'm a poor grad student who has been lusting after this drive since the initial bench's showed up and the trim firmware was annonced.  I eagerly awaited this drive's arrival only to open it up and see the picture I submitted.  I then spent most of the day trying to figure out what the hell happened.


                              Anyway, hopefully this drive functions as promised and they send me a spacer so I can move past this.  I'll be installing later tonight and will let everyone know my diag. results.

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                                The 80GB G2 ships without a spacer from NewEgg.. link and picture attached I ran benchmarks with Crystal which does show hours used and it was new.. but no spacer? I am happy and the caddy for my laptop works fine with out the spacer.. so no harm no foul.. I hope the link and picture help..

                                Crystal Disk Mark and Info.jpg SSD from NewEgg No Spacer.JPG

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                                  Drive installed fine.  Ran active's disk monitor.  SMART came back with 0 use hours and 12 power cycles.  All the blocks checked out.  I'm happy with the product but still miffed at the egg for all the BS.


                                  I double checked their site...check the above link that links to the drive on newegg.  We now know that the only diffrence between the 7mm and 9.5mm that's printed on the actual drive is the SA number.  Now, zoom in on the picture that has the label and you'll notice that the S/N is blurred (for obvious reasons) but so is the SA number...hmm, why would you blur that?  The only reason i can think is because somebody at newegg knew they had both drives and was happy misleading everybody that they were definitly getting the 'nicer' OEM.  The drive with the spacer frame and the brown box that's been all over the stellar reviews and unboxings driving demand through the roof - but at the same time covered newegg's rear end.


                                  Maybe I'm just a conspiracy therorist but can you think of another reason to blur the SA?


                                  Last but not least a little bench pic because - hey I'm excited and i can. Out with the old (2 WD 160g single plater drives in raid 0) and in with the new (80G x25-M G2).  Hopefully a future firmware upgrade will take care of the sequential write, but otherwise..damn that's nice.



                                  Thanks for all the help, will respond back with a final resoultion as soon as it's reached with newegg.

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                                    That looks exactly like my N-wE-G box...except for the blur! I'm satisfied my drive is new and working fine, but still miffed at the seller for what appears to be a misrepresentation of the item they advertised and the actual item that was delivered. I intend to make a final complaint to N-w_-g and see if they change their ad. This is how it's accurately depicted as "BULK" at:http://www.zipzoomfly.com/jsp/ProductDetail.jsp?ProductCode=10010790

                                    Not going to waste anymore time/energy on this. Now where's  the firmware update?

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