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    Intel Compute Stick - 1920x1080 resolution does not display correctly


      I have tested a number of Compute Sticks with various FHD displays and cannot make them output at 1920x1080 correctly.


      All desktop assets are visible, so it is not an overscan issue on the part of the screen, however, I have a window set to 1920x1312 and this window occupies most of the viewable area. If I display the identical window on a standard desktop PC, this window is correctly sized.


      The goal is to have the screen in portrait with a windows aligned to the top at 1080x1312 and a second, smaller window beneath it at 1080x608. Currently the smaller window is only half displayed, as it is pushed below the viewable area.


      From a lay-perspective, the display appears to have been magnified, or zoomed, however, I still have full visibility of all desktop icons and the Windows taskbar. Additionally, the Windows Display settings and Intel Display Driver options all indicate that the output is at 1920x1080.


      Any advise to resolve this issue would be most appreciated!