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    T430s random blackouts of external monitor


      I have 2 monitors connected to my T430s laptop - one via the mini DP and one via VGA (the laptop's lid is closed and the LCD monitor is not in use - disabled via the windows display settings dialog). The monitor connected to the mini DP goes black for about 2 seconds once every 10-15 minutes with no particular reason.


      I've found similar posts but none provided me with a solution...


      I am using a 90W power supply.

      I'm not using any docking device.

      I've got the latest Intel HD Graphics 4000 drivers.

      Windows 7 SP 1.

      Monitor works perfectly when connected to other devices.

      Working with one external monitor and the laptop's LCD screen works fine.

      I've experimented with different monitors and the symptom is consistent.


      Any help is appreciated.