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    Problems with newly installed Intel Gigabit CT Desktop Adapter


      I recently purchased and installed an Intel Gigabit CT Desktop Adapter (PCI-E, 1x channel) in my desktop machine.  The problem I'm having is with downloading files of any substantial size (say, above 2 MB).  For example, when using IE11, the download message says "download was interrupted" or "file was interrupted" - and multiple retries never succeeds.


      When I temporarily enable a wireless adapter (and disable the intel CT connection) on the desktop, the file downloads just fine. For other reasons, the wireless adapter is not a long term solution - which is why I purchased the wired CT desktop adapter.


      Drivers are up-to-date: (Intel, 5/26/2015, - In fact, I had to download the driver package from Intel using the wireless connection because of the problems mentioned above with using the CT adapter.


      Also - when running the hardware diagnostics, the loopback test fails - all others pass.


      Is this a hardware issue?