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    "Uploading GL Textures"


      Tech Stuff:

      Computer is from Acer : Aspire XC-605

      HD Graphics 4600    Pilot Version

      Windows 8.1 changed to Windows 10    64 Bits

      OpenGL Version 4.3



      There... so, here's the story:

      I've been playing Minecraft Modded for quite a while now with no problems at all on Win8.1 with no problems. Rolls in the update to Win10 that i install right away without updating the graphs. Still no problems untill recently where the "Windows 8 Graphics" crashed and recovered on me quite a few times. So, Install stuff thinking it was the Win 10 drivers but there were still crashes with win 8 Drivers. so i end up asking someone from intel chat to help me (Great guy ^^ ) so, all graphics are fixed. But now, with the latest drivers for Win10 that i had to download from Acer, I have another problem going. Every time i start up my Modded minecraft, there's a problem.


      Namely, Everytime the screen shows "Uploading GL textures", the screen slows down to a near halt for, let's say 30 seconds each time. So, it continues to load the game up and when it finally opens up, My graphics are looking like they are running at 1 frame per minute.


      So, i obviously tried what i could to fix it. Uninstalling the game's launcher, reinstalling it, uninstalling Java and reinstalling them, asked and tried what little i could find on their forum. Nothing worked. During my research, i fell on a few people saying that it's related to Win10 having disabled the intel processor to process GL Texture or something simillar. I went to the Acer Website to try to talk to someone that might have an answer... and because my computer is not under guarantee anymore, i couldn't talk with anyone.


      Here i am, still trying to find what is wrong and how to fix it. I wanna play my Minecraft TT.TT


      Anyone knows how to eneable Processing GL textures on Windows 10?