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    ReInstall Driver on Windows 8.1


      Hi All


      We have a TOSHIBA TECRA A11, that included a 82577LM Gigabit Network and WiFi Centrino Advanced-N 6200.


      We deleted the drivers by mistake of both drivers, and now can't reinstall any of them.


      We did the download of PROWinx64 and Wireless_18.20.0_e164.exe, we run both the software, but the answer are the some, say we don't had any above network adapter.


      After two days, we are a let be lost. Can anyone help is some path where can we do more.


      82577LM Problems.PNG


      The message we got from device manager is:

      82577 Code 18.PNG


      When we go to device manager we confirm the ethernet controller are not loaded.

      Device Manager reports.PNG


      Any help are welcome....


      Thanks in advance


      Paulo Afonso