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    i7 4790k overheating



      i7 4790k 4.0ghz (runs at 4.4ghz)

      d92 hyper cooler w/ arctic silver 5 thermal paste

      Gigabyte z97x-Gaming 7

      r9 390x

      32gb 2400 ram (under-clocked to 1333)

      256gb Samsung Pro SSD




      I bought this system 2-3 weeks ago and just noticed that the temps run pretty high under full load. I maxed out at 91ºC while opening multiple game clients. I shut off the pc and reapplied thermal paste and took off a few dust filters to help airflow. I applied a small pea sized amount of thermal paste to the center of the cpu after cleaning it off and pressed evenly with the cooler while screwing it in place. I used Intel's Processor diagnostic tool to stress test after the reapplication and I still maxed out at 91ºC. Intel's software however said I passed the test including the temperature test. I keep reading everywhere that this particular CPU is supposed to be a lot less than 90º C even under full load. I read that I should under clock the cpu, but then whats the point of buying this cpu if I had to underclock it? I'm fairly certain that the amount of cooling in my case is sufficient cooling as well. Is this cpu defective and should I get it exchanged? Or is 91ºC safe for this cpu..? Also with no active programs running it hovers around 36ºC