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    HD 4000 onboard graphics may be failing


      On April 30, 2013 I built a new computer and installed the Intel Core i3-3225 Dual-Core Processor (3MB Cache, 3.3 GHz) Intel HD Graphics 4000. It has worked flawlessly until last night, when my monitor started flickering and then the red color disappeared, leaving the colors a horrible green and blue mix. I turned the computer off and when it booted back up the red was back - for about 5 minutes. Now it's gone for good. I thought that maybe my Asus 3d monitor was dying but when I hooked it up to my 4 year old laptop it worked just fine. I have searched and searched the internet for a solution but have found nothing. I have had Intel processors in the past, all with onboard graphics and no additional graphics cards, and none of them ever failed, even after several years of use. I generally keep a computer for 4-6 years or until it's no longer feasible to upgrade.


      Should I just install a graphics card or is this a sign that the processor is going to completely fail? Thanks to anyone who has an answer to this