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    NUC5I5RYK 4-pin auxiliary power connector PIN OUT?


      I am working on a project and I need to use the 4-pin auxiliary power connector located on the board of my nuc5i5ryk pc.  Can someone look at the image of the connector and lable the pins for me or at least tell me the number of the pins? Is the first pin on the left 1 and then 2,3,4 to the right? I can not seem to find this information. I am trying to power it so i need to know which pins are positive and negative. Thanks in advance!



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          It took two NUC5i5RYK Intel boards getting smoked while I tried to test the pinouts for my project but I figured it out.  Looking at the image above, the pins are #1,2,3,4 from left to right (right being closest to the black screw). The pinouts are below.


          Pin               signal name               descriptive name

          1                  +5VSB                       5V

          2                  PCH_GPIO24            Power draw sensor

          3                  GND                          Ground

          4                  +VIN                         12volt to 19v DC input


          You do not need to use pins one and two if you are building an aux power connector like we are. In my case, i am building on onboard UPS system for an IFE system remote operation.