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    Find corresponding Port tty* to COM Port X in Windows



      I'm trying to realize a communication over the virtual COM Port of the Edison. On the Edison

      im going to run a program that should receive the coommands sent over the virtual COM Port.

      I have a windows tool which sends strings onto the COM Port that is named "Intel Edison virtual

      COM Port".

      But which on in the "/dev" dir is the correspondig one an how can I test it?



      These are the devices:

      root@edison:/dev# ls

      autofs              mmcblk0p6           tty12               tty54

      block               mmcblk0p7           tty13               tty55

      char                mmcblk0p8           tty14               tty56

      console             mmcblk0p9           tty15               tty57

      cpu                 mmcblk0rpmb         tty16               tty58

      cpu_dma_latency     mqueue              tty17               tty59

      disk                net                 tty18               tty6

      fd                  network_latency     tty19               tty60

      full                network_throughput  tty2                tty61

      fuse                null                tty20               tty62

      i2c-1               nvram               tty21               tty63

      i2c-2               port                tty22               tty7

      i2c-3               pti                 tty23               tty8

      i2c-4               ptmx                tty24               tty9

      i2c-5               pts                 tty25               ttyGS0

      i2c-6               ram0                tty26               ttyMFD0

      i2c-7               ram1                tty27               ttyMFD1

      iio:device0         ram10               tty28               ttyMFD2

      iio:device1         ram11               tty29               ttyPTI0

      initctl             ram12               tty3                ttyPTI1

      input               ram13               tty30               ttymcu0

      intel_sst_ctrl      ram14               tty31               ttymcu1

      kmem                ram15               tty32               ttymcu2

      kmsg                ram2                tty33               uhid

      log                 ram3                tty34               uinput

      loop-control        ram4                tty35               urandom

      loop0               ram5                tty36               usbmon0

      loop1               ram6                tty37               vcs

      loop2               ram7                tty38               vcs1

      loop3               ram8                tty39               vcs2

      loop4               ram9                tty4                vcs3

      loop5               random              tty40               vcs4

      loop6               rfkill              tty41               vcs5

      loop7               rtc                 tty42               vcs6

      mcelog              rtc0                tty43               vcsa

      mem                 shm                 tty44               vcsa1

      mid_ipc             snd                 tty45               vcsa2

      mmcblk0             spidev5.1           tty46               vcsa3

      mmcblk0boot0        stderr              tty47               vcsa4

      mmcblk0boot1        stdin               tty48               vcsa5

      mmcblk0p1           stdout              tty49               vcsa6

      mmcblk0p10          tty                 tty5                vga_arbiter

      mmcblk0p2           tty0                tty50               watchdog

      mmcblk0p3           tty1                tty51               zero

      mmcblk0p4           tty10               tty52

      mmcblk0p5           tty11               tty53