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    Intel Edison not working all of a sudden. Help!


      I downloaded all the required drivers for the intel edison on my windows 7 for the USB and FTDI. DS1 led was constant and DS2 was blinking and I could see the edison drive on my system. I was installing the drivers manually because the automatic installer wasn't working for some reason. I downloaded the latest Yocto image and tried to flash it but it won't succeed. It kept failing at 38% with some DFU error.

      After that I can't see the Edison drive on my system. And DS2 LED is not blinking at all. DS1 is blinking fine. And from what I have noticed, only one LED seems to light up out of DS1 and DS2 at a time. And in the Phone Flash suite, I can see that the device is connected but can't see the edison drive and it still wouldn't flash. I have the microswitch down and all cables in the correct configuration.

      Any ideas what's happening?