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    Difference compiler f90 (env. UNIX) et ifort (Env. Windows)




      First of all, I am not a professionnel in fortran programming... But hereafter my problem.

      I have developped a program in which i read an unformated file via:


      and then


      to read the first value which is an integer coded on 4 bytes (that's why RECL=4)

      This sturcture is well compiled by f90 compiler and in UNIX environment. It works weel and the read value is correct.


      Now, I would like to work in Windows 7 environment and so with ifort compiler.... The same program is well compiled too but the first reading value is not the right one. I suppose that it is a pb of compiler option but I do not understand clearly what I have to modify. For information, I tried ifort compilation option like as "assume:byterecl" and "integer-size:32" (seperatly or cumulted) but it still does not work.


      Thanks in advance for your help.