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    middle micro-USB connection fails (Edison disk doesn't appear)


      Hi everyone,

      Have you guys met this kind of problem? My Arduino Board is powered by 12V/3A source. The DS2 lights up and then switch to DS2. Then I connect the middle micro-USB to my laptop. Following the instructions, I download the Intel Edison DFU interface driver. It seems that the USB connects successfully. But there is no Edison Disk showing in my laptop. After I connect the edge micro-USB, the PORTS(COM&LPT) only shows one Series COM like below. This situation arises after I failed to install the integrate installer for windows 64-bit. The installer told me it fails to install an image (I forgot it). There must be something wrong with my Edison. Could you please help me? Do I need to flash my Edison.?

      edison 1.png

      edison 2.png