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    Edison I2S and high-res audio?


      Hi all,


      is there any official information from Intel whether the I2S on Edison will support sample rates higher than 48kHz in future?

      According to the official HW datasheet of the Edison module 24bit/192kHz should be possible.

      The latest BSP and the "audio setup guide" states that only 8, 16, 41.1 and 48kHz are supported at the moment...


      So I'm a bit confused now. Can anybody help?


      Thanks and best wishes,

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          Hi HQAudio,


          As said in the Audio Setup Guide, for audio configuration the supported sampling rates are 8, 16, 44.1 and 48 kHz. This means that this are the tested values. But it should be possible to work at 24bit/192kHz as specified in the Edison module Hardware Guide. I hope this information helps you.