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    intel 41RQ



      All I have almost 26 motherbaord of intel DG41RQ. last month i have purchased. one problem i have faced with this baord. Many of times in a day lan card stopped working network packet become on sided. and i am solving this problem by doing this : shut down computer- remove all the back connection (power, key board, mouse, display, lan etc.) then start computer again. network start working again.  

      please provide me any reply. users are suffring from it.

      Thanks in Advance

      Umesh malik

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          Hi, as far as im aware there isn't a fix.

          Have you updated to the latest LAN dirver? that plus the complete shutdown and unplugging like you are doing may help temporarily. The other option would be to an add in lan card in., Sorry i couldn't be of more help

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            Thanks For suggestion,

            I had a conversation with intel excecutive on online chat. He suggest me to update bios and lan driver. and i applied.

            now it is working fine.