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    New computer, what is my temperature supposed to be?


      Hi guys, picked up a new laptop for school earlier this week. Loving it so far, its an LG R580 with an intel core 2 duo T6500 processor, NVIDIA Geforce G105M, 4GB DDR2 ram etc..


      I've been googling all day but cannot find a definitive answer to my question. What temperature should my cores be at idle?

      As of this posting my cores are at 53 degrees celsius, GPU is at 46C.

      The cores have reached upwards of 55 when I wasnt really even doing anything.

      I had a browser window open with a couple tabs, no video or media streaming, no music playing at all.


      Upon bootup my cores are probably around 40 degrees celsius, under no heavy load & within an hour it'll be a little above 50C

      I dont recall going over 60C so far, however HWMonitor says my max was 61C


      Should I be worrying at all? Googling earlier I've read that some intel core 2 duo processors idle around 45C. Perhaps it varies by model and mine happens to run warmer than others?


      Any help is greatly appreciated