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    Intel Core i7-3612QE Cross Section


      Hello all !

      I am looking through the entire internet in order to have an answer for the Core i7-3612QE cross-section (or the cross section of similar devices).

      The device mentioned is supposed to be embedded on a helicopter. For such projects, we have to do a study called SEE (Soft Error Event) or SEU/MBU (Single Event Upset/Multiple Bit Upset).

      This study will tell the probability to have a bit flip on the device while in flight, bit flip caused by neutrons.

      In order to do this study on this device, I need to have what is called the cross-section of the component :

      The cross section is an effective area that quantifies the intrinsic likelihood of a scattering event when an incident beam strikes a target object, made of discrete particles. Cf Wikipedia


      If anyone know about this value, I would be very thankful to have it !