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    RAID 0 - Set up problems after drive failure


      I recently noticed that one of two 250 GB hard drive was going out. System was configured to a RAID 0. Port 0 OK, Port 1 failed.

      I replaced the defective drive with a 1 TB. When I went to restart the system, it would not start. I removed the 250 GB drive in Port 0 and replaced it with the 1 TB drive. I did not re-install the working 250 GB drive. I loaded Vista onto the 1 TB drive and got the computer running. I have reinstalled the 250 GB drive in Port 0 and moved the 1 TB to Port 1. Now, I want to include the original working 250 GB drive and restore the system to a RAID O.

      I have the following info;

      1.    Under the RADI drives in the Matrix Storage Manager (MSM), list the 250 GB drive as Port 0.

      2.    Under the RADI drives in the MSM, the defective drive info has been replaced with the words “Missing Drive”.

      3.    Under Non RAID hard drives in the MSM is listed the 1 TB drive as occupying Port 1.

      Installing this drive was something new for me and I obviously missed a step. The instructions on this site are not directed towards my situation. Does anyone have some advice to correct this back to a RAID 0 without having to delete my existing RAID volume and have to re-restore my data?