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    SE7520BD2 and FRU/SDR - no fan throttling




      i tried to flash the FRU/SDR on my SE7520BD2 (DDR2) a million times with various fan configurations but nothing seems to get down the CPU fan speed.

      The chassis is a chenbro SR107. Two front fans are connected at FAN1 (3pin) and one rear fan (3pin) is connected at port 5. There are 2 Intel Boxed CPU-fans (4pin) installed. FAN1 + FAN5 i selected as "analog" fans in FRU/SDR update. For CPU1+2 fan i tried digital and analog fan - same result.

      I know the chassis is validated and i've seen much Boards working fine with this chassis. So what can be the problem?

      There is an IMM Advanced installed. I also flashed the latest BIOS and BMC using the latest update package. This worked fine.


      PS: I also tried to flash with no chassis fans connected - just the both CPU fans, but that did not change anything.


      Any ideas?

      Those fans are really annoying ;-)


      Thx in advance!