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    Matrix Storage RAID Question


      Hi all - A little confused here -


      First - I have 82801JR (ICH10R) controller that isn't listed in the Matrix storage download list.  Am I supported or not?


      Second, should I use the RAID 0 on the motherboard or the IMSM?


      Third, I have a X25M coming soon.  When I set it up, should it be configured as IDE/AHCI?  When I do that, and if IMSM works with my computer, would I then be able to add another drive to it at a later date and support RAID 0?

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          Here are my answers:

          First: Yes

          Second: You should create your RAID0 by using the RAID utility, then install the OS by loading/integrating the needed Intel RAID driver (IMSM or ISRT).

          Third: As long as you have just 1 SSD, you should run it in AHCI Mode. If you would buy a 2nd SSD later, you will be able to create a RAID0, but I recommend to take the new Intel(R) Rapid Storage Technology (IRST) drivers and not the IMSM ones (much better performance).

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            ok, so setup with AHCI mode, get the Intel(R) Rapid Storage Technology later on when a 2nd drive comes along and all will be good.


            Thanks for helping me out!