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    E5540 Tray?


      I'm planning to get this procie but there are still some buggy questions in my head.

      Here are the questions:

      What do exactly Intel mean by issuing two package version of their procies?

      What is the mystery behind the tray ones?

      What does" embedded" mean on the E5540?

      Is it the way how Intel specifies which ones are normal and which ones are flawed?

      I need a clarification on this before I lead myself to the eternal dissapointment, thank you

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          Here is a link which explains the difference between boxed and trap cpu.



          From this link below:



          You can see that the CPU E5540 is available as boxed and tray cpu.

          Note: Boxed CPU comes with 3 year warranty from Intel

                   Tray CPU comes with only one year warranty from the OEM.


          Now regarding embedded, when the cpu exists as embedded, this means that it works on embedded platform. This will be mainly for system designers

          You may get more information from this link on embedded:



          Hope that this answers your questions.


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            I still don't get what "embeded" is with the link you gave, but I guess it's kinda the processor is communicated with that embedded community when online, am I right? but I see most boxed and higher procies dont support embeded, which ones are actually better, procies with embeded available or vice versa?

            thanks b4

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              On the Embedded side, there are validated reference designs for applications created by Intel and third-party vendors. Some designs are available for purchase or download through open source while others are here for reference when creating your own application.
              - Digital Security Surveillance
              - Embedded Gaming
              - Home Automation
              - Industrial Control Systems
              - In-vehicle infotainment etc.


              There are different categorized type of platforms that exist:
              - Performance
              - Scalable
              - Low Power


              In order to design these type of application, the designer needs to choose a correct platform with the right combination of embedded hardware, depending on what type of application they are planning to design. CPU that are marked as embedded are allowed to be used for these designs.




              Hope this helps a bit.


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                hmm so it's sorta like a substitutional "plus" value isn't?

                when the boxed ones come with 3 years warranty, the tray ones come with embedded but only 1 years warranty given

                embedded is kinda like a built-in feature for helping application engineers

                it's a bonus feature for specific users

                am I right?