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    Wireless connection problem (agn 5300)




      I have a HP elitebook 8730w (win xp pro SP3) with intel AGN 5300 wireless. At home I have a problem connecting to a wireless network.

      When it tries to acquire an adress through DHCP it fails. My router logs an DHCP offer but never recieves an ACK. Giving it a fixed address solves the problem.

      I turned on tracing in Windows and in the EAPOL.log i see the following error:

      [2512] 21:13:26:187: EAPOLQueryGUIDNCSState: Intel(R) WiFi Link 5300 AGN - Packet Scheduler Miniport is in PSK Mode Returning S_OK
      [2512] 21:13:31:140: ElTimeoutCallbackRoutine entered
      [2512] 21:13:31:140: WPA exchange not secured within 5 seconds in AUTHENTICATED state
      [2512] 21:13:31:140: EAPOL Failure: Fail Count = 3


      I already updated to the latest drivers without avail.