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    RAID failure


      I'm running Windows XP SP2 on an ASUS P5K-E with a Intel Core 2 Quad Q9450. I have 2 RAID 1 arrays, which were working yesterday. One was named "OS" and the other "DATA".


      When I booted the computer today, the usual page showing RAID status did not appear. Instead, there were a lot of messages that flew by, and when Windows appeared, a number of "new hardware found" messages showed up, one for each of the 4 hard drives. The drive listed 4 separate drives, 2 labeled OS and 2 labeled DATA. It seems obvious that the two RAID arrays were broken.


      Running IMSC produced these messages:


      The Intel Matrix Storage Manager was unable to load a page for the following reason.

      A plug-in did not provide a page for the selected device.

      A plug-in failed to load.

      The serial ATA plug-in faild to load because the drive is not installed correctly.


      The drives appear to be undamaged; the contents can be viewed.


      I'm not sure what to do. Is there a fix for this condition?



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          All four SATA drives had somehow become reconfigured as IDE, so I changed them back to RAID.  On boot, the RAID status screen appears and shows the two RAID arrays as normal, but then an error message appears:


          "NTLDR missing"


          Is there a way to fix this?



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            Hmm, over 400 views and no replies (except mine).


            I re-configured the drives as RAID instead of IDE, although I have no idea how they were changed to IDE in the first place.

            Then I disconnected one drive, then re-connected it. When the computer started up again, the RAID display showed the disconnected drive as "degraded", and when Windows came up I checked the Intel RAID manager and found that the drives were being rebuilt.


            After successful rebuilds of both mirrors, the system is working just fine.


            I just hope that whatever happened to break the RAID mirrors doesn't happen again.