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    Can't update driver for ethernet controller


      I'm running Windows 7, but I have problems updating my Ethernet Controller,


      Windows couldn't find any updates itself, so I looked here, without results...


      I have a Intel(R) 82547EI Based Network Connection (OEM), but there isn't any Windows 7-software for this.


      Anyone has a solution? (I'm not an expert)

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          The driver that Windows 7 installed is the only driver for that network connection, which is why you can not find an updated driver. Are you having a problem with the network connection or just looking for the latest drivers?



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            Wel I can't connect to the internet, so I would say network problems ...

            (ethernet controller is colored yellow in hardware devices)

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              Thanks for the reply. I am not sure what is happening, so I am going to ask a few questions to try to zero in on the cause.


              Like you mentioned in the original post, your Ethernet controller is built into an OEM design. What brand and model is your computer?


              What error code and message do you get in the Windows Device Manager Device status?


              When you look at the Ethernet Controller in Windows Device Manager take a look at the Details tab. The Device Instance Id that is displayed will look something like this:


              I copied the above example from my wireless connection, so you will see something different.


              Your controller Id should start with VEN_8086&DEV_101. Check the character after VEN_8086&DEV_101.

              If you see VEN_8086&DEV_101A, then Windows 7 does not include a driver.

              If you see VEN_8086&DEV_1019, then Windows 7 includes a driver and should load it automatically.


              If you do not see either of the above, then let me know what you see.

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                I'm getting the same error when I try to update the driver for my Intel 82547EI Ethernet Controller.  My motivation for changing the driver is that I'm getting terrible network performance: less than 1MB/sec!  All the other computers on my LAN get much better network performance, and I have tried with a different cable, and a different slot in the switch.


                The problem appears to be that even though windows calls this chipset an Intel Pro/1000 it's not really in that family.


                Anyway, I built the computer from parts based on an Asus P4C800-E motherboard some years ago.  The numbers you asked for from the device manager are:




                Any ideas how to get better performance?




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                  I can only guess at possible issues. Since you have tried different cables and switch ports, you might want to try changing some of the advanced settings. The most common performance problems are caused by speed and dupliex setting mismatch. You can usually get away with the auto setting. In this situation, I would experiment with other Link Spped & Duplex settings. If that does not work, I might try some of the other settings.


                  If I remember correctly, that Windows 7 driver does not include a Gigabit Master Slave Mode, but if it does have that setting, I would try forcing slave or forcing master. Hopefully, one of the settings will help you. If all else fails, you might need to install a new adapter.



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                    Thanks for the ideas.  I'll give them a try.  The big thing I'm hoping to hear is: is *anyone* getting good network performance with this chipset in Windows 7?  I've been assuming that the problem is that the Windows 7 driver isn't any good for the device ...  (In related news, my D-Link gigabit switch is not on the approved for windows 7 list.  I wonder what MS is speaking that an ethernet switch might not like?)




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                      Hi All


                      I have Dell Optiplex 755 with on board Intel Gigabit 82566DM-2 with the same code 10 error on all of the windows Like XP Vista and windows 7 although i have the latest driver version which is 9.13.16 for my 82566DM-2 but still the code 10 error not gone thats why i cant be able to use my on board lan card and intead of iam using PCI Lan Card please advise to resolve my problem please help me out.