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    Under Partitioning?




      I recently bought the intel x25m g2 160gb ssds for a mac system and a w7x64 system. Since these are new drives, I would like to do everything right and not having to do hdderase if i make any mistakes. I hope people can help me out?


      I will be flashing the drives to the latest firmware, when intel release the new firmware update tool before any OS installation.


      My question is, during the installation, I am thinking of partitioning 140GB (on both mac and w7) and leave the rest as scratch pad. If I understood Anandtech article correctly, this will improve slightly the wear/tear (since it will re map only on the unused space once in steady state) and improve slightly the performance degradation?


      The thing is, do I need to do anything special? Is partitioning 140GB during OS install good enough? As in, will the SSD controller use the un-partition space AS IF it is the stock non-accessable space (about 7% in the intel x25M)


      Please advice.