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    Wireless Connection Dropping with Win 7


      I have an HP dv9500t portable which contains an Intel Wireless WiFi Link 4965 AGN adapter.  Since upgrading the PC to Win 7 my wireless connection continues to drop periodically. It is most noticeable when I'm downloading a large file. The download will proceed for a while (2-3 minutes, maximum) and then the connection drops and I see the Exclamation point on my wireless connection status indicator. The connection will often reset itself but if I run diagnostics on it I get notification that the "Default Gateway is Unavailable", my adapter resets and the connection will work for a while before the entire cycle starts again.  I have found this same issue popping up for many users and it really seems to be hardware agnostic. I have tried mutiple adapter drivers, disabling IPv6 protocol, disabling the Bonjour service, turning off USB selective suspend, disabling all Win7 Firewalls and numerous other potential solutions (http://www.sevenforums.com/network-sharing/39876-win-7-wireless-issue-can-we-combine-posts.html) to no avail.


      Does anyone know what might be going on and a potential fix?


      Thanks a bunch,


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          at least im glab finding somebody with the exact same problem as i got.

          im running windows 7 64bit on a dell xps 1530. tried everything, including updating uniinstalling and so on. last hope was the latest intel driver but surprise surprise same result.


          the only way to avoid the limited connection thing is to install an intel driver offered by dell for my notebook, but this driver comes up with the bluescreen difficulty under heay network traffic ...  -->  http://communities.intel.com/thread/6030?start=15&tstart=0    and the bluescreenthing is solved by the what comes up with the limited connection/dropping connection in my case


          does someone have an idea?? by the way tryied serverel routers, every ohter notebook works on everyone wihour problems except mine

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            I suffer form the same problem but with one more piece. I was having this issue and when I updated the driver to help fix it the problem persists, but now my computer cannot see my 5GHz network. I have a dual mode airport extreme that puts out both networks at the same time and not my network card which I got to use the 5GHz band cannot even see the network. Intel needs to get on this now. I'm tired of this stuff. I have tested multiple computers and I am 100% certain it is the card, since nothing else is causing it. Please intel, we trusted you, give us a hand here. Don't just brush us off because our "warranty" is expired.