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    Are the Intel G2 SSDs telling Windows 7 they are a SSD upon install?


      New/empty 160GB G2 with latest firmware from 10/26/2009.

      P55 chipset on a Intel DP55KG motherboard with latest BIOS.

      Storage controller set to AHCI in BIOS.

      Installed Windows 7 Ultimate x64

      Upon install, checked for automatic SSD optimizations that are supposed to be done if and only if the SSD properly notifies Windows 7 that it is a SSD.


      Noticed that defrag was turned ON (the Intel SSD is my only drive in the computer)

      Prefetch and Superfetch both turned ON per the registry

      Drive Indexing turned ON (not sure if this was supposed to be turned OFF or not).


      Whats up with this? Are these drives not communicating with Windows 7 properly upon install?

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