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    Intel Desktop Board BoxD975XBX2KR-Win 7


      Hi all,  I have had this Mobo for just 2 years and feel very let down that Intel are not supporting it fully under Windows 7 as 2 years ago it was a top end Mobo. My questions are, 1. will the latest version of Intel Matix Raid run on this Board under Win7 Raid 0.  2.  As there are no Drivers for the 975 chipset ini files, Intel pro/ 1000 /PL Lan, and IDT Audio driver, and acording to Intel there are no plans to supply these drivers, does anybody Know if the latetest drivers that were released for Win Vista Ultimate 32 bit will work with Win 7 on this Board so that I can set about building my new system. or is it a case of new OS Win 7, = new Mobo and processor?


      Thanks to someone