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    DG31 PR Motherboard network problem

      Hi all,
      I have bought a new Intel coure 2 Duo processor and DG31 PR motherboard. I am using windows XP with SP2. I have a boardband interet connection which was working fine with my old pc.

      I am facing a problem with internet connection with the new machine. I am able to connect to the internet & it works fine for 5 / 10 minutes. After that I am not able to browse anything. Browser shows connection timeout. The green light at the back of CPU i.e. the LAN Card light is ON & router is also showing all 3 lights ON.

      One more thing I have observed is that after the net connection is lost if I click on Volume control then I get error as "Mixer device is not available".

      I have installled LAN card drivers & sound card drivers from the CD which I got with the motherboard.


      What could be the reason for this behaviour ?


      Thanks in advance.
      - MK