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    Intel Turbo Memory - Does it even work?


      Bought a Fujitsu ST6012 beginning of the year with optional 4 GB Turbo Memory installed in addition to 4 GB RAM on board

      Owing to terrible driver support by Fujitsu the PC was almost unusable with Vista Business so plunged in nice and early to W7 beta.

      Radically improved performance BUT  Turbo Memory has never performed - sometimes completely uninstalling itself, other times misreporting use etc etc.

      Waited until RTM of Windows 7 to see whether this cured the problem but it hasn't.

      Current position: Pinned applications equate to 3.6G B but dashboard reports 100% Full??  Actual RAM in use 1.6 GB.

      Am I the only Joe Sucker who shelled out for this pile of poop or has anybody got a glowing review which will allow me to reconsider my current opinion that Turbo Memory is a failed Intel experiment. And yes I am using the latest drivers.

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          I had a similar problem when I first installed my Intel Turbo Memory. I accelerated most of my software packages, including Windows Explorer. I think adding the latter was the culprit: after I removed everything and excluded Windows Explorer in my second fresh load I haven't experienced the same problem again.


          But, funny: now I have the opposite issue. I start with 25% of memory usage when I do a fresh load of software for acceleration, and after a few days it goes down to 15%, even 10%. Somehow ITM Dashboard excludes some of the files from accelerated software list.


          See my original post, here: http://communities.intel.com/message/75294#75294


          ITM is a good idea, but the supplied software is a disaster, I think. I would love to see an improved version, soon. At least before SSD get really cheap. :-)