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    D946GZIS MoBo... no video at all


      Hello all.


      I just purchased a new MB for my computer.  It was identical to the one I replaced.  I replaced the CPU with an identical chip as well. Core2 Duo E6550 LGA775 2.33MHz, 4MB cache 1333MH FSB


      I cannot get any video to display at all.


      I have tried two different PCI-e video cards (nVidia and ATI) as well as the on-board video.  There is just no video.  Even made sure to remove the PCI-e cards when testing the on board video.


      Is there somthing I am missing?


      I disconnected all of the drives and tried booting just the chip.

      I removed the RAM chips one at a time.

      Tried without RAM at all.

      Tried the CMOS jumper on all 3 settings.


      I don't even see the POST message on screen.  Do I have a defective MoBo?