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    Edison arduino not working with serial displays


      Hi all,


        I have a 4D systems 4.3 inch touch display that works fine with an arduino uno, but will not work on the Edison arduino breakout board. It should work by changing Serial.Begin --> Serial1.begin. But it doesn't. I searched and found a few threads about executing a zillion commands and editing some files, but I figure the firmware would have been updated by now. I tried the suggestions anyway, but got errors.


      The display is wired to the Edison as such:


      Edison Arduino
      TXPin 0 arduino header (rx)
      RXPin 1 arduino header (tx)


      I'm wondering if it is an issue with the 4dsys library files (attached) not playing nice with the linux o/s... Anyone have any idea?


      Let me know if anyone needs any more info.






      1.7.2 Yocto

      1.6.5 Arduino


      I should note that I tried genie.Begin(Serial1). That doesn't work either.