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    Intel RST 14.6 - BSOD after install


      Hi everyone!


      Having a pretty big issue with getting Intel RST 14.6 working on Win 10 x64 Pro.


      My motherboard is an ASUS P6X58D-E with an ICH10R raid controller.


      Have had no issues with RST on either Win 7 x64 or Win 8/8.1 x64 previously. 


      If I attempt to upgrade my Win 8.1 install - it fails due to the RST driver already being present. If I do a clean install of Win 10 it works until I install the RST software.


      As soon as I do that I get a repeating BSOD with STOP 7B - Inaccessible_Boot_Device.


      I've tried the steps in https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/2795397 to no avail. I'm unable to even get into safe mode after installing the driver. The only resolution is to use system restore to roll back to prior installing the Intel driver.


      If I use 8.1 with the 14.6 driver - no issues.


      The issue also occurred with Intel RST 14.5 but was a bit more cryptic (it just did a BSOD with no information).


      Any ideas on this issue?

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