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    DP45SG (6)


      Hi, I wonder if there is anyone who could give some advise on the following case please?


      I am an ASUS mobo fan, always used their desktop motherboards, but, well, I decided to try Intel this time, so here is my story:


      I recently purchased the following items here in the Netherlands (Europe), all brand new:

      - Intel Boxed Intel Core2 Duo Processor E8400 (6M Cache 3.00 GHz 1333 MHz FSB) LGA775

      - Samsung HDD/500GB SATAII 16MB 3.5'' 7200rpm

      - Intel Motherboards Extreme Series / ATX/ P45 Express Chipset with ICH10R / 4xDDR3@1333 (DP45SG)

      - Corsair XMS3 DDR3,1333-4GK

      - Samsung DVD RW 22x Black Bulk SATA

      - AOpen A600A ATX box Silver/Black with a 350 watt PSU

      - Microsoft Win Pro 7 64-bit English 1pk DSP OEI DVD

      and used following (used) graphics card: MSI R4350-D256H

      - later on: (also brand new, cause I forgot that item), a Linksys wireless-N PCI adapter with dual band model WMP600N-EU


      When packing out the boxes, looking at all these great items I found out

      a) Intel Corporation added a note in the mobo box stating: "you will need to use a USB diskette drive to install the Intel Matrix Storage raid driver

          during the Windows XP installation process" Now, that raised an eyebrow; I spend a lot of money on the best around, SATA HDD's and all, but
      steps back 20 years in time?, and wants me to install something, before Windows can install a RAID driver??

          Why, sure I need to be in the BIOS, for one, and second: I have no USB diskette drive with USB or SATA connector


      But.. I was installing Windows7, so what the hay, I left this out..then


      b) the Intel mobo had no PS2 outlet, so I could not connect a mouse and keyboard.


      Hence, I could not start up the computer and get in the BIOS menu, like I am used to do. That raised a second eyebrow, I completely overlooked this missing spec. I solved that buying a special USB splitter cable, on which I could connect a PS2 mouse and PS2 keyboard.


      So, starting up the desktop, I found the BIOS was ok, DVD ROM was the first boot part. Nothing needed changing, fine by me.


      So I inserted the Windows 7 operating system, so far so good. After that, I had not activated Windows right away, cause the wireless card I added

      from Linksys (after first installing the Linksys driver), wasn't recognized. After that the computer wouldn't

      start anymore. I didn't get anything anymore. Some guy at work advised to remove the CMOS battery for a while, which I did.

      Sure enough, I could re-install Windows7. I connected a network cable this time, to activate Windows on-line.


      All was well. But then, I decided to download the latest Intel mobo drivers from this website ("Intel recommends that you download...etc.." boy was I dum), I was prompted to restart the computer after installing the latest Intel chipset drivers.


      And then, dear readers, the computer went dead, and has stayed dead. I can start the MOBO outside the casing, the fans work, the DVD rom drives starts up, but I see no USB power going to the USB board and mouse, my screen is black, I cannot get into the BIOS. If I connect the DVD rom, and disconnect the HDD, to start to start Windows7 from the DVD, it doesn't work. Makes no difference: the screen remains black, no BIOS, no message, nothing.

      The trick with leaving out the CMOS battery or the jumper on the BIOS reset connectors doesn't change anything.

      The computer won't start. The DVD rom drive starts, but the Windows DVD doesn't give me a screen, or a BIOS, just the fans are blowing, for the rest... nothing, nothing... Is there anybody that can tell me how I can solve this? 




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          a chipset driver installation doesn't effect the bios oder the hardware directly. if you can, exchange the graphics card, then the harddrive, memory and then the powersupply - or test those components in another pc. that's all you can do.

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            I am sorry to report that my problem has not been solved, I  haven't had a single minute of pleasure from this product, nor from the Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 64b processor that I bought for almost the same price to go with it.

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              what have you done so far?

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                I bought another brend new motherboard, from AsRock (P45TurboTwins2000), and installed the Intel Core2Duo E8400 processor and 2 Corsair DDR3 memory banks on there. Put everything in the chassis. Same problem occurred, in fact worse, cause nothing happened after starting up the computer. The CPU fan runs, the chassis fan runs, there is no beep coming from the chassis speaker, the CD/DVD rom drive engine starts up, but the Windows7 install CD does not start, everything remains dead. And now even (or still, is how you look at it) the keyboard and mouse do not get power from the USB outlets.

                I went to a MyCom store, and they connected another 300Watt PSU. This board can handle DDR2 as well as DDR3 memory. We took out the DDR3 memories, and put in one DDR2: still, nothing. I noticed the 775 socket on the Intel Mother board looks funny, as I read in another post here: it seems the Intel CPU cannot impposibly connect to all the necessary pins inside the 775 socket, on both mobo's. I am at a loss. I left the AsRock mobo with the Intel CPU at the Mycom store for intensive investigation.

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                  Did I read this right you have only a 350 watt power supply , these kind of boards are power hungery , get a 600 watt or better and try again. P/S Make sure to plug up the 4 pin molnex plug just above the top PCI-E slot.

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                    Mmm. as far as I can think of now it's either the PSU, the mobo or the Intel processor. Since I changed the mobo, but not the PSU (watt) it's all narrowed down to either the PSU or the processor, I 'll get back on this later on when I've got my stuff back from the shop

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                      Do you have another machine that you can try you CPU in ??

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                        I am telling you these big P45 boards ,don't care what brand , Intel or ASUS , are power hungry , 550,or 600 watts is almost a must exspecialy if you are running crossfire or SLI .

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                          don't spread false information. the components on the board the most power, not the board itself.

                          however, you should use a tested psu.

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                            Nico have you ever tried to run a P45 with a 250 wat PSU??

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                              Intel Board spec. section 2.5.1 Min. power requirements sugest a PSU of 460 watt or more .

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                                psu minimum spec for DP45SG:




                                that's about 350W PSU, for example the

                                "Enermax ECO80+ 350W ATX 2.3"


                                the 460 is recommended for a core 2 extreme and a high end graphics card - both have no relevance to the power needs of the board alone.

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                                  The Enermax Mod 82+ supplies more AMPs than most brands for multiple rails.  It does this for all three rails, or something like a Corsair will do it for one rail.  I buy hoping the power supply will outlast the system but no supply currently may do this at any price.  This is ungreen and troublesome.  See sites such as AnandTech, TomsHardware or SilentPCReview.  This is a middle or enthusiast system most likely and needs at least 460 watts in general with a common graphics card.

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                                    If not the PSU then your processor is damage