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    Laptop for college student


      I would appreciate some insight as to the best laptop to suit my son's needs.  He is a freshman in college; majoring in English with intent on either Phd in English or law school so he plans on quite a few years of college level work.  He loves online gaming and has an excellent desktop for that.  He also has a HP laptop that is a few years old that is having some major problems apparently.  He has been asking for a Macbook because of some type of application for songwriting/composing/recording his music, etc.  We aren't ready to spend that kind of money on yet another computer for him and want to give him one solely for use at school.  He commutes locally to school so he has access to his desktop every evening.  I believe that his main uses for the laptop he could use for school would be Microsoft Office - Word, Powerpoint, etc.; e-mail; Blackboard uses, and research while on campus.  I do know that before his other computer really went on the 'fritz' this semester he commented several times about the need for more battery life.  I just bought the HP laptop at Walmart for $298 thinking that the 3 GB of memory along with the 250 GB hard-drive couldn't be passed up. Now that I'm reading about the Intel Celeron 900 processor, I'm having second thoughts wondering if I should return it and start looking again.  I originally thought with this great price on the laptop I could buy a battery that would last for most of the day as well, but don't want to give up a better configuration for battery life that I could purchase later if need be.  I really need to keep it under the $400 - 500 range this go round because of other things he wants / needs at present, but don't want to throw my money away just to have to replace it a year down the road.  Your help with this would be most appreciated!