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    X25 and Dell Studio 17?


      Does anyone have any experience with installing X25 inside a Dell Studio 17? Dell tech support is giving me vague answers, claiming this SSD is not compatible with Studio 17 and trying to sell me their generic and more expensive SSD. They don't even want to tell me who manufactures theirs. If I can't get X25 to work with Dell, I'll have to buy Studio 17 with two SATA HD's they offer and no SSD


      If, however, X25 is compatible with Studio 17, do I need aditional hardware or just slide it into an empy slot inside the laptop?

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          I don't have any experience using the Studio 17 but I have been using the X25 series with the Dell XPS, Latitude E and Precision M6400 laptop series without any issues.


          If you intend using two drives on your laptop you should order the laptop with an additional drive from Dell as you will need the "drive cage/assembly" which is included only if you buy it with two HDD's. You may be able to order the part(s) from Dell but buying the additional drive would be easier.

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            Thank you kindly.


            I have to be honest, though - I'm frankly scared of SSD's due to so many problems, disks dying prematurely etc. If, however, the performance truly justifies this investment, I'm willing to take the leap. I truly hope that Intel's G2 won't disappoint me.