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    DG45 HDMI with Panasonic 42" Plasma / video stalls on startup


      This is an odd problem, and I don't see it addressed here yet. I have a DG45FC Bios:0117, latest Video drivers from Intel. Core2 Duo 8400.


      This unit work properly if connected to my Marantz tuner using the HDMI connection, However when connected to the Panasonic TV through the HDMI the video stalls at the "Press CTRL-I" screen durring post. The unit actually posts, and enters win7 and I am able to remote desktop to it and control it that way, but the HDMI never leaves the CTRL-I screen (drive management screen).


      I tested it on a regular monitor (DVI) and VISIO LCD (HDMI) Marantz Tuner (HDMI), all those work spottless, only the Panasonic fails. The Panasonic works fine with my other HDMI sources.


      Thanks for any help.