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    Matching ram for fsb1066


      I have to buy a laptop with an intel processor. I'd like to know which ram is optimal for the processors with 1066MHz FSB like the P8xxx series: DDR2-800 or DDR3-1066? Or will it be better to opt for a 800 MHz FSB proceessor with DDR2-800?

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          Theoretically... well actually most people (i think) would say it is best to have the CPU:RAM at a 1:1 ratio.

          But should you not be worrying about which RAM is compatible with your motherboard?

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            that is true, but what is the baseline clockspeed of the FSB? i believe that the real bus speed is a fourth of the advertised. then i need ddr2-533 for 1:1! besides, the system will be an off the shelf laptop, not a DIY rig. i just wnt to ensure that there is no processor to RAM bottleneck.

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              Ok, so you have managed to confuse me now!!! The short of it is thuat tehr eis always going ot be a bottleneck in teh system, with a laptop it will normally be the HDD which goes ussually at 5400RPM. The other thing is that even if there is a memory bottleneck, you aren't going to notice it in real world applications.

              But you are right that for advertised ddr2800 memory the base clock of it will be 200 and the i/o bus clock(i think it is called) will be 400. So for 1066 RAM they are 266 and 533.

              Still if you have a CPU that has a bus of 1066 then you just need 1066 memory