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    intel SE7520BD2 (SATAD2) / SC5200 chassis with BIOS/Fan issue


      Hi Guru's and trouble-shooters, we’ve had this server for some time now and it's been slowly tearing a hole in our eardrums. The fans, they won't slow down. I've searched the internets and this forum and tried every suggestion I’ve come across but still no cake.


      What am I doing wrong?


      AMIBIOS version: SE7520BD23.86B.P.03.00.0019

      Build: 10/20/05


      Server Details...

      Intel SE7520BD2 (SATAD2), 2 xeon 2.8 with 2 gb RAM

      ServerBoard: D10351-450

      BMC Device ID: 20

      BMC Firmware: 0240

      BMC Device Revision: 01

      FRUSDR Package Version: 6.6.G


      Chassis: Intel SC5200 (4RU rack mount)

      Nosey rear Fans: ASSY A96870-001 WW01-05


      I have managed to load BIOS update (BIOS_P03.zip) with success.

      I have also tried to install BIOS update (BIOS_P82.zip) but failed due to a RomID error.

      I also attempted and failed at these fix's/update from searching the Intel website downloads for my server board.

      (SE7520BD2_66GFRUSDR.zip) FRUSDR Configuration Utility

      (P09BIOS.zip) Intel(R) Server Board SE7520BD2 BIOS Build 0075


      I found the Intel server configuration wizard and ran that, but get a password mismatch error at the business end...

      Output extract from 'Intel server configuration wizard version 2.1.6'

      >Writing byte to BMC internal Flash...

      >Please enter a value for password (Q to Quit)


      Trouble is, there has never been a password set, and I have tried doing both password clear jumpers and BIOS clear jumper sequences, and i still get asked for the password in the configuration wizard.


      I do not see anything to do with acoustic management or fan speed in the BIOS.

      I am running Ubuntu Karmic Koala, lm-sensors can detect the pc87427 device, and display the following constantly.


      >Adapter: ISA adapter

      >fan1:       4313 RPM (min =    0 RPM)

      >fan3:       5672 RPM  (min =    0 RPM)

      >fan4:       5555 RPM  (min =    0 RPM)

      >fan5:          FAULT  (min =    0 RPM)

      >fan7:          FAULT  (min =    0 RPM)

      >fan8:       5672 RPM  (min =    0 RPM)

      I believe this is a read only module as this chip is yet unsupported by Linux. So a software solution won't work.


      It’s also worth mentioning, that not all fans in the system stay at 100% after power up.

      I hear the internal system fans slow down, these are connected via a 6p/5c connecter.

      The rear fans connected via 3p/3c connectors. All fans have two plugs (for compatibility I assume),

      A 3p/3c and a 6p/5c. I could change the rear fans from SYSFAN5 & SYSFAN6 to CPUFAN1 & CPUFAN2, but the CPU fan sockets are a 4pin, not a 3 or 6 like the fans are. (No CPU fans are fitted, there is a duct to the rear two fans)


      Any help would be muchly appreciated, and sorry for the large post, I just figured I’d cover what I had tried.

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          SC5200 is not supported on SE7520BD2. Please check the supported chassis list.



          You may try to apply FRUSDR 6.6.G again and select "other" when choosing chassis, and then select which fans are connected.


          There are two versions of SE7520BD2, DDR1 and DDR2. BIOS 75 or 82 are for DDR1, and that's why they won't work on your board. For your DDR2 board, the latest version is P03.

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            Hi there,


            First of all before doing any update:
            Make sure you identify your board correctly.


            Anyway, i have checked the model from the pba number that you have provided: it is the SE7520BD2D2 - ddr2 400Mhz.


            Now when the fan are spinning too loud, it can be due to:
            1. Wrong system fans are connected on the board.
            2. Incompatible chassis and wrongly configured SDR.
            3. Compatible chassis with a wrongly configured SDR
            4. Bios Settings wrongly configured.


            I will personally try to check if the chassis is on the compatibility list and the system fan headers are correctly connected and then update the following:
            Reboot, and verify BIOS settings


            From the link below:


            I can see that the chassis SC5200 is not on the tested list, so it has not been validated for this combination.


            The chassis SC5200 has been validated for these boards only:


            You have mentionned earlier that you are requested for a password.
            Server Products
            Password may be requested by FRUSDR update utility
            Follow the instructions on this link


            Download the SUP package:


            1) Create a CD media from the bootable ISO image or a bootable USB disk-on-key.
            2) Boot the server board with the bootable media.
            3) Follow the on-screen directions
            4) Run the batch file AUTOEXEC.BAT


            When updating the SDR only, you may get a screen like this:
            MENUTITLE       "Select the chassis type"
            MENU            "SC5300BASE"    "Intel(R) Server Chassis SC5300 Base"
            MENU            "SC5300BRP"     "Intel(R) Server Chassis SC5300 BRP"
            MENU            "SC5300LX"      "Intel(R) Server Chassis SC5300 LX"
            MENU            "SC5295DP"      "Intel(R) Entry Server Chassis SC5295E DP"
            MENU            "SC5295BRP"     "Intel(R) Entry Server Chassis SC5295E BRP"
            MENU            "SC5275E"       "Intel(R) Entry Server Chassis SC5275-E"
            MENU            "OTHER"         "Other"


            Since you are using a non-validated chassis, select other chassis and select which system fans have you connected to the board.


            For 5000 chipset board, there is some options in the bios to set. Since i have never used this board, you will need to check.
            After the update of these firmware, i will go onto the bios and Advanced, System Acoustic and Performance Configuration, Throttling Mode set to Open Loop, Set fan profile as Acoustic and Altitude set 300 or less.


            Other than this, next steps will be to verify the sel log and verify the release notes of the firmware if there is anything mentionned.


            Hope these are useful,



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              Thanks for the FAST reply :)

              The missmatched assembly will be taken up with the IT Firm who supplied it for sure.


              I ran the syscfg tool and the password question went away from the configuration wizard.
              I supplied all the details as it requested (using chassis 'other') and rebooted.
              Seems to have gone through without error, although not much has changed.


              I then burnt and ran 'SE7520BD2D2_SUP_2007-02-01.iso', but sadly the autoexec tries to
              install the CD-rom and fails with a 'lastdrive' error, and can't continue.
              After some messing about, i managed to get a USB key to boot with the ISO files copied in.


              The autoexec fails too quickly to tell what the trouble is, it just says reboot to resume normal operation
              or type update to maually update, which i do and get the same message.


              So, i attempt a manual run using the sequence
              Reboot, and verify BIOS settings


              The BIOS update worked fine.
              The BMC/run.bat fails due to ERROR 017: Invalid argument.


              A little digging in the batch file reveals the command
              >fwpiaupd -u -op -pia -nopc -ni -p 7520B253.hex


              Upon executing 'fwpiaupd ?', i get this syntax hint...
              >The utility allows use of the following combinations of arguments.
              >fwpiaupd [? | h] [ni] [u] [i] [address=XX] [errlog=file] [dirhsc]


              So it would seem there are many errors with this update ISO, OR, My configuration is not what the update package expects.


              How should i proceed ?

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                Seems you don't have IMM (Intel Management Module) installed on your system, and that's why the BMC update failed. You can skip the BMC update and proceed with FRU/SDR. If you have problem running it from CD, just download the standalone FRU/SDR package. Boot to DOS and run autoexec.bat in the package.


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                  Thanks Guys,


                  i skipped the BMC update and applied the SDR update without issue and rebooted.


                  BIOS reports the following versions,


                  AMIBIOS version: SE7520BD23.86B.P.03.00.0019
                  BMC Device ID: 20
                  BMC Firmware: 0240
                  BMC Device Revision: 01
                  FRUSDR Package Version: 6.6.G


                  It would seem that is the best i can update firmwares to.


                  How about the 3pin SYSFAN5 & SYSFAN6 on the motherboard, are these connectors actually capable of speed control ?

                  And for that matter, do the 3pin (ASSY A96870-001 WW01-05) fans support speed control ?



                  It's strange that intel.com doesn't have data on either the motherboard connectors or the fan's. Any idea where i can get those details ?





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                    Yes all onboard fan headers are capable of speed control. However the mBMC will need to "know" which fans are connected. How are your fans connected, and what are your selections when doing FRU/SDR update?


                    Btw, the fan header pin definitions can be found in board Technical product specification, section 6.1.

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                      I am very sorry for disturbing your string with my own question, but I do not know where else to go.  Would you know where I can download the Deployment Assistant for the SC5275 with the SE7520BD2 board?  I am unable to locate it anywhere and I wiped out my server without thinking.  Please help if you can.  Again, I apologize for my question.  Thanks