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    DP55WG Audio Connector Retasking


      I have two computers, both running 64-bit Windows 7.  One is a Gigabyte mainboard with the Realtek ALC888 audio chipset and the other is an Intel DP55WG with the Realtek ALC889 audio chipset.


      On the Intel mainboard the audio connector retasking is incredibly limited.  It appears the only connector I can retask is the green connector designated for front speakers and my only two choices are Speakers or Headphones.  On the Gigabyte board I am able to retask any connector to just about anything.


      I have tried both the latest drivers from the Intel website and the latest generic drivers from the Realtek website with identical results.  I have loaded the EXACT same drivers from the Realtek website on both computers and am I still having this same problem.


      Does anyone know if this is just a limitation of the Intel board, or is there something I can change to get better retasking options?