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    intel(r) dual band wireless-ac 7265 wireless lag spike




      I have a new laptop and it has intel(r) dual band wireless-ac 7265. After i bought my new laptop i had constant lag spike issue.I found the problem that cousing the lag spikes.Here it is . . .


      (After i click everytime to wireless icon the ping is increasing.After last spike,I stopped clicking to the icon and it become to normal as you can see in the picture)This is happening even i dont click to wireless icon every 2-3 minutes constantly.


      intel(r) dual band wireless-ac 7265 is trying to find a new connection automaticly while connected to a wireless modem.I have the latest driver i think.I have the driver

      If you ask me how i understand that problem for example when i ping from cmd.Ping seems normal but when i click to wireless icon at the bottom right corner at the screen suddenly ping increases to 200 + for 3-4 seconds exatcly like the normal times' lag spikes and it becomes to normal.If i dont click the wireless button this thing is happening like every 2-3 mins constantly.I just want to ask how to close this automatic wireless search ?

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          Hello EnesS,


          The ping spikes you noticed are expected whenever you open the Wireless Network Connections Window. Take into consideration that when you open this tool, it will create an updated list of available wireless networks and will display it to you; so any current connections, such as continuous pings, will suffer a small delay while the system scans for available Wi-Fi networks. This is the same behavior you would get if you refresh the wireless networks using the refresh button in this Wireless Connection Window.


          The increase in Ping times can sometimes be normal, however, if this is happening very often, or if it is affecting other tasks, then you there are a few things you can try to reduce it. The main things we would recommend considering your comments are:


          - Update to the most current driver for your wireless adapter (currently version 18.20.0): Intel® Download Center

          - Go to Device Manager - Network adapters, locate your wireless adapter and open the Properties, under the Advanced Settings go to Roaming aggressiveness and set it to "1. Lowest".


          If you are still experiencing any connectivity issues related to ping spikes during normal operation, you might want to check the following forums about this topic, as they contain a lot of recommendations for different cases and scenarios:


          AC 7260 frequent ping spikes

          Re: High latency in games after Windows 10 (7260AC)

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            I have spent my weeks for this problem already.Tested the ac 7265 with 3 different routers and the same thing is happening.I got 2-3 seconds disconnects once every 4-5 min.I tried so many drivers.I installed windows 10 and get back 8.1 and tried windows 10 again and as i said i have already tried so many drivers and the problem is not fixed.

            Yesterday , i took a 10-15$ TP-LINK external wifi adapter and connected with it and problem is fixed.So please dont tell me to update my driver or contact my laptop provider.I saw tons of topics about connection problems with these ac 7260 and ac 7265 wifi adapters.Its clearly that you have some problems with these adapters.And as i said in my first post i think the problem is, your wifi adapter is trying to search for the other wireless connections even if it is connected.Please ask your engineers about this and help this problem to get fixed.

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              Hello EnesS,


              We are sorry about this situation. We are continuously working to improve our products and we will take your feedback into consideration. There are different recommendations for this type of issue but you can be sure we will continue to research and find other ways to prevent it.

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                How many more weeks/months have to pass before you guys come up with a viable solution for this garbage wireless adapter? Many of us bought machines without ethernet based on the advertised reliability of your dual band wireless adapters. I can't speak for everyone here but i personally spent a small fortune on my ultrabook and this has been the biggest disappointment.


                I read review after review before purchasing and all that anyone talked about was intels skylake processor which makes me wonder if intel and pc manufactures pay these guys. How could they not have experienced these connection issues?


                If you think I'm going to attach a USB WiFi dongle/extender/adapter/tether/duct taped coat hanger to this thing your stuck in 1998. You wouldn't put a cassette player in a tesla would you?


                The amount of threads on various support forums including intels regarding this issue is staggering. I thought i was inconvenienced, schools, businesses etc bought dozens if not hundreds of machines with this adapter installed and the best advice you can give these institutional clients is uninstall/reinstall? That's like my company's IT guy asking if i restarted my desktop when tell him it's taking too long to boot!? If you can't adequately service these institutions what chance do individuals like myself have at recurving an immediate fix!?


                I'm over it. HPs, Asuss(Asuss', Asus'ss...?), Lenovos and Intels support can go to "D-ell". You guys should seriously reconsider the word "support" in your job title. How in the hell is HPs warranty dept going to tell me they haven't heard of any issues relating to intels wireless adapter? I'm going to pull this adapter out like tom hanks pulled that cavity in cast away. And unless you want to me send me the 2015 ac-8260, 3165 or tri blend 17265 im going with your #1 competitor. And when my new wireless adapter is finally clocking speeds that your bs product brief claims im going to screen shot it and copy/paste the crap out of it and let the world know the $20 piece of garbage you put in my ferrari ultrabook is just that!


                And please for the love of God, do not reply with advanced adapter settings like change power sleep mode, fat channel intolerant, HT mode or your classic go-to...uAPSD. Unless you have a VIABLE SOLUTION don't say anything. I'll take that as "we sell bad products for a profit" and go about my business.


                I feel better already