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    i-6700k unusual cpu load on Realtemp and HWmonitor


      Hello there. I really hope someone can give me an answer so i don't have to worry


      Some of the monitoring Program been giving me very strange result.


      As i will be doing some overclocking i want to make sure everything is working fine before aporching it.


      1. I use Realtemp combine with Prime95 to stress the CPU to find out if my cooling is working OK but it only show 23.9%CPU Load while all the other monitoring program suggest that i am at 100%CPU Load during the stress test (image 1). Some said Realtemp is more accurate and the reason is because my CPU has Clock Modulation Throttling which is shown 87.5 instead of 100.


      2. I have ran intel cpu diagnostic tool which does give me a Green Pass with acceptable temperature.


      3. HWMonitor show abnormal Clocks- Core#0-3 speed and sometime it sometimes spike over 10000Mhz ( image 2 show over 5000mhz )


      I am running at Stock Speed without any overclocking.


      im on a MSI Z170 motherboard


      im using the Intel HD530 instead of a GPU card


      My GPU card has die and waiting for replacement.


      My system is not crashing or auto shutdown and temperature seem to be normal.




      please advice.


      thank you very very much.