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    Computer freezes then IRST does a "verifying and repairing" upon every restart.


        Recently my computer froze. No BSOD, but while I could move the mouse, nothing responded to the click nor did anything else happen. Ctrl-Alt-Del didn’t work either. I manually shut off and restarted the computer and when prompted, I “Restarted Windows Normally”. Upon restart the Intel Rapid Storage Technology function (version indicated it was “Verifying and restoring Volume 1”. This finished in a couple of hours and everything seemed fine. However, I left the computer on overnight (as I usually do) and upon coming back in the morning the computer was locked again the same as above. Again I manually restarted and the same thing happened. It now happens every day. If I do turn the computer off overnight, it still does the “verifying and restarting” when I turn it on. After I enter my password the balance of the booting does seem like it’s taking longer than normal. It then works fine for the rest of the day with no issues.



      Here is the info I got from running Intel's Detection Software:


      Computer Manufacturer


      Computer Model


      Operating System (O/S)

      Microsoft Windows 7 Professional Edition Service Pack 1 (build 7601), 64-bit

      Operating System Build (O/S)


      Operating System (version)

      1. 6.1.7601

      System RAM

      1. 8.1 GB

      CD or DVD Device

      ATAPI iHAS124 C

      System Hard Drive Overview

      System Total Storage Size:

      1. 1005.8 GB

      Local Disk C:\

      1. 931.3 GB

      Used space:

      1. 199.6 GB

      Free Space:

      1. 731.7 GB

      Local Disk J:\

      1. 74.5 GB

      Used space:

      1. 6.3 GB

      Free Space:

      1. 68.2 GB





      not detected



      AA Number

      not detected

      BIOS Vendor

      American Megatrends Inc.

      BIOS Version

      American Megatrends Inc. P13

      BIOS Release Date


      System Memory

      1. 8.1 GB

      Sound Card

      High Definition Audio Device







      Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-2320 CPU @ 3.00GHz

      Intel Processor analysis tools

      Intel Processor analysis tools

      CPU Speed

      1. 3.0 GHz

      Link to Processor Specification

      Link to Processor Specification